Get happy to get healthy, get healthy to get happy.

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Imagine a nutritionist, a life coach and a mindfulness instructor rolled into one. In other words, I approach your health issues from the perspective that all aspects of your life are interconnected. 

This is the revolution of health and wellness. We are not all the same (We are all special). There is not one diet, one pill, one exercise program that can “fix” us all.  The answer to your health problems is in knowing who you are, how you want to feel and what your options are in order to get there . My job is to use my tools and strategies to help get you there.

Radiant Wellness Program

Your needs for health, balance and wellness are specific to you. Your bio-individuality is the basis for the changes we will institute together in lifestyle, diet, movement, and mindfulness. It all comes together in a 6-month one-to-one bespoke program where you have my full attention with your wellness in mind!

  • Face to face consultations in person, Skype or Facetime.
  • Weekly follow-ups with notes of the sessions,
  • Tools for transforming eating, exercise and lifestyle habits that hold you back into habits that set you free,
  • Personalized yoga and meditation practices

How can I help you? Do you want to loose weight, gain weight, sleep better, clear your complexion, have more energy, more stamina, have less pain, increase your focus, increase your calm, your confidence and personal power. Do you need to address serious issues like obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, infertility? Changes to your diet and lifestyle can have remarkable effects, perhaps even reversing these illnesses.

Feeling wonderful is not as far away from you as you might think. Let me show you the safe and healthy short cuts to make incredible advancements in the way you look and feel.

Certified Kundulini Yoga Teacher, Rasa Viniasa Yoga Teacher, Hatha Yoga Teacher, NIA (non impact aerobics) instructor Chakra Massage Therapie, Thai Yoga Massage, Padabhayanga (Ayurvedic Reflexologie) Certified Health Coach by the International Center for Integrative Nutrition

Intense Cleanse Program

Often we need a jump-start, a catapult, a kick in the pants to get us going. An intensive cleanse can work wonders to reset the chemistry of the body to quickly get rid of sabotaging addictions to things like sugar and caffeine. It’s a deep cleanse to quick start you on your path towards wellness.

  • Live consultations
  • Shopping lists, Recipes, Exercise program
  • Daily motivational support and custom meditations
  • Live yoga and meditation session with Janet for developing your cleansing yoga practice

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What my Clients say:

I relocated to Portugal earlier this year leaving behind, well almost, a hectic London life and knew I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle going forward and now was my chance.

Having had a lifetime of a very bad relationship with food and eating in general, ‘I only eat what I love’ and knowing that ‘dieting’ never works long term, I wanted to reinvent my lifestyle. Making healthy eating and living the ‘norm’ but also leaving room for the good things in life. I got to know Janet doing wonderful Yoga classes with her and when she told me about the Wellness Consulting Programme she was doing I immediately realized that this would be a perfect kick start for me. I am now on my 4th month of the programme and it has made an amazing difference to my life. Healthy eating is not just the ‘norm’ now but I look forward to getting into my kitchen when I have been away for a while (I still work in London up to 10 days a month). I find I am hungry for ‘good’ food, a whole new thing for me as in the past a quick Café and a custard tart would keep me going for hours and I was addicted to sweet food. I now also put more time and energy into exercise in my life and as my energy levels have soared am really enjoying it.
You decide what goals you wish to set and Janet guides you through the process with ease and empathy.I would not hesitate in recommending this course to anyone who wishes to make some changes to their lifestyle.

– Maggie Dowling, London/Algarve




“I needed to escape somewhere to have some space, peace and relaxation. The Well was so much more. Janet sat down with me when I arrived and planned a personal programme to suit my needs. She has a fantastic array of talents and I enjoyed daily meditation, yoga, nia dancing, discussions, evening walks and amazing nourishing food in a supportive and loving environment. There are bikes to use and I often went off to the beach or just through the surrounding countryside. I thoroughly recommend a stay whether short or long to relax,  recharge and reboot.”


Sam Harris, Plymouth, UK

Janet Shook is the best Yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure to take classes with.

Christine McGrory, Author, Scotland

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