“If we focus on physical health alone we will ignore the root causes of ill-health and miss the opportunity to achieve deep sustainable happiness.”


I AM!  is a philosophy of 7 principles for total wellness.

I AM! Is created to guide you and those around you to

peace, health, and happiness.

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 Your quality of life is directly connected to the quality of your health. 


I AM! Guided Program is the opportunity to transform your body, mind and life with healthy habits and positivity.

The I AM! Guided program is always with my personal support as your guide and mentor and can be done from anywhere in the world at any time as we connect virtually. 

Click here to watch a video of me telling you about the I AM! Guided Program




Over the past 8 years, I have worked with hundreds of people supporting their deep health and happiness. I have been able to support clients with such issues as;


Weight loss 

Skin health

Body aches and pain reduction

Digestive health 

Body confidence & Self-Love

Mobility and flexibility

Hormonal balancing

Blood Sugar balancing

Health for disease prevention and longevity

Emotional stability



The I AM GUIDED program involves one-to-one consultations on a bi-weekly basis. During these sessions, you will discover new ways to increase your peace, health, and happiness through activities in;



Nutrition, diet & digestion

Healthy Lifestyle Design

Physical Exercise



Relationship building

Life purpose


Whilst connecting with a deep motivation to create and continue the changes made during the program.



******This program is not a program of set diet or exercises; it is a process of self-discovery, creativity and personal growth.******



I AM is a philosophy for initiating lifelong habits for personal growth and incredible health.







What does the program include?


  • One-to-one bi-weekly sessions with Janet on-line

  • The accompanying workbook to the program with included activities and practices

  • Access to Janet’s on-line Yoga and dance classes

  • Regular personalized meditations and encouragement sent for your progress

  • Promotional discounts for products in alignment with the I AM principles of sustainability and good health


How does the program work?


We begin with an initial one-hour diagnostic consultation that will set the course for your personalized “I AM GUIDED” program.

We continue from there together meeting every other week, following the map of the I AM Health with Higher Consciousness Guidebook, we journey together towards your Peace, Health & Happiness.

Every week we set new goals and take new actions towards them. 

I AM Wellness is based in Portugal. For global clients, consultations will be held via Zoom, Face-Time, Skype, or an online platform of your choice. Portugal clients may meet in person or on-line. 


What do some of my other clients say about my work?


This is a beautiful experience for everybody who wants to make a real change into a more healthy and conscious life for the body and soul. It’s a joy to follow this intuitively natural and creative approach. I found the time in the program very inspiring and beneficial for deepening into my true self. — Dr. Andrea Brenner, Germany


This has helped me feel better than I have in several years. At 40, I feel healthier, more flexible and energetic than I have ever done!! It gives me hope and courage for the life challenges ahead. Janet did this for me!! I’m so grateful. — Rich Lavine,  USA 


From our first meeting and diagnostic session in Portugal, I knew that I had found a key I had been searching for to unlock a lot of things. Six months later I had dropped 1½ stones, had clarity on who & what was important in my life! And equally who and what wasn’t!! Big but beautifully beneficial choices! — Paul Slevin, Ireland

You decide what goals you wish to set and Janet guides you through the process with ease and empathy. I would not hesitate in recommending this course to anyone who wishes to make some changes to their lifestyle. — Maggie Dowling, UK/Portugal



I have practiced yoga for many years I am 57 years of age ashtanga kundalini Hatha yin and Yoga Nidra I’ve also been to many retreats Janet Christine shook is without doubt my most favourite teacher I have been privileged to meet her and I’ve followed her to retreats her knowledge and her beautiful calming manner is so very special I witnessed on her last retreat ladies that had never practiced yoga before gain so much confidence both in body and mind I would highly recommend advanced yogis or those that have never practiced yoga she is one extremely special lady that I will carry in my heart forever


Nicola Johnston, UK


Janet’s Wellness Retreat is a beautiful experience for everybody who wants to make a real change into a more healthy and conscious life for body and soul. It’s a joy to follow her intuitively natural and creative approach. I found the time in the retreat very inspiring and beneficial for deepening into my true self.

Dr. Andrea Brenner

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