Retreat, return, radiate

This is the first blog entry, and I will make it an invitation to The Well:

I am humbly inviting you to your own individualised transformation retreat that culminates in the celebration of your creation.

That kind of sounds like we are magical Guru’s. Nothing like that. We are just a couple of observant and grateful gals who understand the processes of creation and healing. And we love hospitality. We believe in the healing power of nature. We love to hear stories and we love to share our wisdom.  So we combine what we know with what we love.  We are here to hold the space (host) you for whatever process of creativity or self-transformation that you are seeking; that creative, intellectual endeavour which asks from you; silence, space and time.

Bespoke meal plans (Juicing/de-tox, ayurvedic, macrobiotic, raw food, vegan, vegetarian, etc.) with food grown on this very land. Yes, that means someone is cooking for you just the way you know your body should be nurtured, with local organic foods. What does this provide you besides optimal cleansing and nutrition? TIME. What will you do with this time?

Write that book, design that business, heal that heart, cleanse the old patterns.

No distractions, just inspirations.

We encourage, and are by your side in Yoga and meditation practices, dance and painting classes, walking in the hills, bicycling to the beach.

Put yourself in nature and discover something of your own nature.

Put yourself in silence and hear your own voice.

Put away the distractions and see the world inside you.

Creation, re-creation, transformation.  Time, space and support.

This is our birthing, the culmination of so much life’s work.

Truthfully, we can only be of service, when there is someone here to serve. Come join us and find that you have something of yourself unseen. …

Something worth sharing with the world.

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