I almond you.

What do you feed yourself if you love yourself?

Give me almonds please. Organic fresh Almonds to play with, to crush, blend, eat, milk, roast.

The Well is on 80 hectares of hillside. Someone, several generations ago, decided to plant almond trees amongst the Carob trees on hillsides peppered with fig trees. They are all old, they are all un-irrigated, un-pruned and un-fertilized. And yet, they are all generous. They live to give.

We eat the figs. What we can’t eat we dry in the sun or freeze. Figs don’t last long around me, and as the beloved Yogi Bhajan has said (As my intuition led me to believe) that you should eat as many figs as you can when they are in season. But we have, until now, left the almonds on the trees, as the only cracking process we were familiar with was stone-age; Literally setting the almond on a rock and hitting it with another rock until it cracked. It makes me think that if it is that hard to get to, it must be really worth it.

Then a Yoga student mentioned a man in Santa Catarina who has an almond cracking machine (which by the way is straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate factory; 100 years old, bigger than my kitchen, taller than my house) So Milly and I went to harvest; picking almonds in the drizzling rain. We were proud of our lot, a few buckets full. But when I took them to the almond cracker, he sighed. Perhaps a waste of time. So old, so rained on.

But I wanted those almonds.

An almond is like the protector of the heart. It’s monounsaturated fats and antioxidants help regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels. They have a cholesterol reducing effect. Their nutrition relaxes veins and arteries, making the oxygen circulate smoothly through your being. Prana reaching body. Vital energy distributed. Heart healthy.

An almond is full of vital minerals that keep your systems going.

Almonds love you.

But they are not all sweet and well intentioned…

I was swept off my feet by the occasional bitter almond, loving the intoxicating effect of the amaretto perfumed explosion in my mouth. So in love was I with the bitter almond, it was disappointment that struck me more than fear when I learned that they are highly poisonous, full of cyanide, and a few handfuls are enough to kill you.

Perhaps if I ate  just one or two a day for the rest of my life, i would build up a resistance to cyanide…. lest anyone try to poison me. Why not? I have already acquired a taste for it.

Cyanide aside, there is a treasure of sustenance on our hills, on our lands, and I want to eat from these hillsides, as I breathe from these skies and walk on this earth.

So he cracked my nuts. (Actually they are not nuts, they are drupes, more closely related to plums and apricots, as is apparent by the similarity in seed).

The next day then mom and I drove the 45 minutes to pick up my almonds, he charged me 2 euros.

We still had some sorting to do, so we sat down to a movie as we sorted nuts from shells, rotten nuts from good nuts.

When all was done, we had just a few kilos of almonds in our hands. But more than that… we held the source for an almond empire in the years to come.

What nature gives, is for us. What we give, is for nature.

We are nature.

Have we forgotten?

Come strip the almonds from the trees with us this winter,  and return in the summer, to eat Almonds to your hearts content. photo 1

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