11/11. Straight up day.

“The One Equals the One. When they laid it on it’s side, it became the equal sign.”- Guru Singh

Today is November 11th. 11-11. In tantric numerology, 11 is one of the most sacred numbers. It is the “I” facing the “I” and seeing that they are the same.

When the One sees the One as the One… then there is completion. And that is why the cycle of numerology stops at 11.

When you look at your watch and see 11:11, take a moment to align yourself with infinite cosmic intelligence, or feel the presence of the person next to you as your own. Unify yourself with the other, with entirety.

When the One or the I recognisphotoes the One as the I…. we have come home.

For more information on Tantric Numerology… check out this link:


Sat Nam

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