Karma is a soup served cold and Dharma Rolls

photo 2-1Karma Soup

One half of a ripe green or white melon

One cup of fresh basil

One large cucumber, peeled

One small tooth of garlic

“Flor de sal”, Himalayan salt or good ol’ sea salt to flavor

1/3 (or more!) cup virgin organic olive oil

½ cup of ice.

Put all of these ingredients in a blender. Blend really well. If you don’t like the pulp of the melon, strain it out. Serve chilled and garnished with basil.


Dharma Rolls

You need Rice-Paper rolls or the thin pancake for spring rolls– sold at an Asian foods market. They come stiff, you must immerse them- one at a time- in boiling water for a few seconds to soften them, then with icy cold fingers spread one out on a plate. If you cannot find these, just make the recipe with nice big green leafy lettuces.

Start with the insides:

Soak some dehydrated Soy protein in; Tamari, ground dried coriander and olive oil, for a few hours. Make sure there is barely enough liquid to immerse the soy protein and make it soft.

Mix together 2 or three grated carrots, a cup of thinly slice cabbage, a handful of peanuts, one small grated apple and some fresh pomegranite seeds (if ye be so lucky as to encounter. If ye not be so lucky, soak some dehydrated cranberries for a few hours and add those).

When the Soy protein is nice and soft, drain it slightly so it’s not soupy, and mix that with the fruit and veg mixture, and add one/two tablespoons of natural peanut butter or tahini. Squish and blend well (Use your hands!).

Have the inside mix ready at hand and as you pull each rice wrap out of the water (keep a glass of ice nearby to cool your fingers), place about ½ cup of the filling in each wrap and fold in the sides like a diaper. Roll it up tight!

When they are all done, sprinkle a little lemon juice and sesame seeds on top… and the rest of those pomegranite seeds for colour. J!

Being that both of these recipes are vegan… you are improving your Karma. Which will clear the path for your Dharma. This beautiful meditation will help as well… http://www.spiritvoyage.com/mantra/Ek-Ong-Kar-Sat-Nam-Siri-Wahe-Guru/MAN-000035.aspx


Sat Nam!





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