Essence Retreat

Carolina and I met in Istanbul in 2007, brought together by the common interest in Turkish Gypsy dance. Three years later our paths crossed again when I left Istanbul and moved to Carolina’s native Portugal.

Carolina Fonseca is to me a woman of great accomplishment and beauty. She is a global gypsy, working as a dancer on nearly every continent. Wherever she goes she maintains a dedicated Buddhist practice. It is this discipline that I believe, allows her such freedom and stability. The world is truly her stage, and in spite of her beauty, skills and worldly experience, she is humble and sweet as a fig.

I have been earthed here in Portugal steadily for 5 years, nurturing my family and my practices of Yoga, vegan and raw food diets and Ayurvedic body treatments. I have been cultivating the home space. As Carolina is out in the world gathering air and inspiration, I am here trying to dig my feet into the earth.

The fire and water is both readily within us. Carolina Leo, Janet Cancer.

We respect and compliment each other, and we are just giddy to share a synthesis of our practices with you at this very special retreat; our beloved dances, rituals, mantras, nutrition and methods of purification. Come this February for an elemental experience, to energise your true essence.


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