Uma Linda Primavera

I wouldn’t usually accompany a Well resident on a 2-week liquid fast. My excuse in such situations is, “Hey, it isn’t my de-tox”. But when Linda showed up, there was an instant feeling of- ‘Sister…We are in this together’.

Spring Equinox, Death Moon, Easter.

Birth, death, re-birth… (Sa Ta Na Ma*)… all in an 8-day period. And we rode the great transitional tide in waves of hunger and bliss.

Meet me at the table without any distractions; nothing to soothe, distract, numb or delay. Go deep, and let’s get this drama over with.

Trading and fusing ritual after ritual from two very disparate traditions, Vedic and Wicca; We chanted, picked flowers, burned up our bad moods and cleansed the wounds of the past season with salt water. A great sense of unity came as we recognis
ed that across time, space, culture, language… there is a deep recognition of our true composition; We are made of the elements of nature. We are nature. We belong here and we belong together.

We broke the fast twice. First on the Sunday of the Equinox, to celebrate the abundances ahead. By the time we broke it the second time, on Linda’s last day, we no longer hungered for an end to our obsessions… we were full of our own truth. We were free to eat joyously of the fruits of our blessed earth: which had not shifted, nor fallen from beneath our feet. Not one single 3

“Where the wildflower grows

only love will follow,

let the wind carry your faith,

there goes your sorrow.

Light a candle, light your fire,

feel the joy dance around.

Cleanse with water…

Return to the ground.”


Linda Vonken


Linda will return to The Well to guide us into Autumn at the Fall Equinox with fasting and ritual. You are welcome to join us. This experienced is certainly one to be shared.

Also, if you plan on being in Holland, and also being cool, check out Linda’s café and vintage boutique. Worth a trip in itself.


* Sa Ta Na Ma is a Mantra from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan that translates to mean “Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth”.

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