We shall dance between heaven and earth


“To be in Bliss is to dance between heaven and earth, dancing to the rhythms of cosmic and telluric energies, in the depths of breath in movement. Descend into the depths of your own memory , its own space , its own time. The rhythm of the walking footsteps reels in the extreme intoxication of movement, enabling us to reach the fullness of bliss itself. It is not the dance that counts, but the invisible inner movement. It is a crossing to go in to ones own dance, the inhabitant of ones own breath , its own actions and allowing time and space to move freely , a moment of openness and freedom , where joy is just being danced , re-activating the essential meaning of the act of dancing. To enter the state of bliss , is to find the essential dance of life , the origin of what makes us alive.” RAJI

I have asked these two masters to come give a workshop, because I believe that what they do is revolutionary in human beings in movement. And you do not have to be a dancer. Just a human.

So here is where they are coming from:


Yumma became a professional dancer in Paris at the age of 12 in the “Ballet Russe ” with Irina Grjebina .

In 1982 after becoming a Top Model for the famous campaign “AVENIR “, she unexpectedly renounced the celebrity status to focus passionately on Tibetan Buddhism. She lived her first year in solitary retreat, followed by many others over the next 30 years to the present day.

Having studied and practiced intensively Tibetan Buddhism with renowned masters of Vajrayana including, Kunzang Lama Chokyi Dorje, Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Tulku Pema Wangyal Rinpoche, Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso Rinpoche, HH the 17th Karmapa and her main teacher, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche. Yumma continues to study in parallel the Shambhala Training and the contemplative psychology training “Karuna”.

Expert in the artistic exploration of movement with mindfulness and the work on emotions through artistic creativity, she has practiced very extensively many forms of dance and body technics : Classical Ballet & Dance Character (Irina Grjebina for 10 years), Oriental Dance (Shokry Mohamed), Hatha Yoga (OKC), Qi Gong (France Detry, Alain Baudet) and Karate Shotukan (Kasagima Sensei, Sensei George Zsiga)

A Nomad and “Dancer of Life”; Producer, author, teacher and choreographer; Founder of the Danza Duende Project started in 2004. Yumma Mudra completed her first book “LA VOIE QUI DANSE” ( the Dancing Path) in 2012 published by François Bourin.

Yumma has been recently named “Intuitive Dharma Teacher” by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche .

Since 2013 she has collaborated in the research and the development of teaching Choresophy with Michel Raji.LA Voie SAMAYA.jpg




Michel Raji was born in Morocco and has lived in France since the age of twelve. His geographical movements have progressively drawn in himself an inner map, in which every step is that of the initiate, leading one towards universality. A dancer and choreographer with a classical and contemporary background, in 1985 he founded his own way, which he calls “Chorésophie”, a passage from the physical to the metaphysical.




“The breath of life enchanted my birth

I danced before dancing

Happy in my soul, my soul happy in life

I have entered into ‘choresophy’

‘Choreosophy’ is my way

And I am its voice. ”







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