Soul Food 2017.

img_1946Do people do resolutions anymore? Or is everyone jaded by the many failed attempts to maintain our most intimate promises… only falling into guilt, shame and ultimately… disappointment in ourselves. Ouch.  We get New Years Eve fever where we spit-shine ourselves up in our minds-eye, and put ourselves on the perfection pedestal of the our hidden potential and possibility! And then life goes on as normal, and we fall back into our habits. And our partners and friends like us this way anyway… so ho hum. Maybe next year.

I buckle under my own self-applied pressure. Nobody else seems to care wether or not I am as disciplined as I wish to be, but I care to the point of stressing myself out. I can care too much about the outcome of my actions, instead of the reason for my actions. So I have decided not to ask the question this year of what do I need to do to be better?? but instead  to ask the question of what can I do to take the very best care of my soul… so that my heart and mind will function better and make better choices. If the soul is good it wants not for excessive stimulation, co-dependence, constant streams of distraction or excess consumption. The soul sits good inside the soul.

Anyway. 2016 was a big one. A year of learning a lot of hard lessons. Numerologically it was a 9… the final challenge number. The number of  “mastery or madness”*. And if you had a year anything like me and some of my mates, you experienced both. I feel like I walked the edge of both.

In 2017, breathe. We have entered 10. The one reflected in the nothingness. We see ourselves in the greatness of all creation… the infinite undefinable and non-judging. So it is the year where we say, “Oh yes, there I am… Wonderous in all my perfection.”

So don’t resolve anything. Exist in your perfection. Tend to the soul. Perhaps as I have chosen to do,  make your Self a “Soul Food Menu” for the year and eat it up. Let’s see what happens.

Glorious peace-filled 2017 friends.


*the beautiful words of Shiv Charan Singh in his book “Let the Numbers Guide You”.

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