Create to elevate.

This is a shout out to the brave and loving creative beings amongst us.

You creative souls that have a nature that needs to actualize your experience; To turn yourself inside out to show the other that what is inside you is just a  variation of what exists in them.

It is not light work.

Art is a risk.

Creativity is a force that can push us to genius, and over the edge to madness. How many of us passionate beasts go so high, then dive so low… the great waves and fluxes of inspiration and information and stimulation and attempts of transmission of it all.

In the (Our) center somewhere (below the belly button perhaps?), is that great stabilizing potential to go both high and light and deep and dark, and finding that place where it comes together… and is given as a service to the world.

Let’s go. Lets be artists in our lives, let’s be inspired. But how do we fly and dive without floating into space or drowning in the depths.

Center. Root. Realize.

Create to elevate.

I give a shout out to Jagat Joti Kaur. A master in this.

There are a few people in my life that inject wisdom and creativity straight into my consciousness as she does. But she works for it. This is a woman who has put her whole soul into it… full force.

She is an artist of life. And she is an artist of service.IMG_2066.JPG

And I am thanking her. She did a brief residency this January to start the process of making beautiful hand crafted yoga mats for the children at my son’s school, where I am teaching weekly Yoga classes this Spring. She got the ball rolling. Now it is up to me to finish them off. Wish me luck.

You will be hearing more about Jagat Joti in the coming months and years, as she is on the team of keeping me up and flowing. Keeping the Well full.

Check out her website at 

The Well welcomes wild loving artists.

All love.

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