Spring Cleaning (My Life).

JS white shirt laughingBeing in Portugal now is like living in a bouquet of wild flowers. It’s uplifting and inspiring. And as the flowers blossom, energy rises, light returns, all sorts of things come up, like… “How am I going to keep up with all the things I need to do in my life to live the way I want”? Sometimes it is all just TOO MUCH.

So I could start with my cleaning out my closets, my desk, my car, my pantry and shovel out the old and start anew (which is a great idea but not going to happen) or I could start with the most cluttered place in my life… my mind… and take a shovel to the pile of thoughts that aren’t doing me any good.

If I can clear up my head and heart space, I will have more room for that which is truly important for me NOW in my REAL LIFE. Where I am a single mom (Had to throw it in on Single Parents Day!) working for myself and studying.

So the question I posed to myself on the eve of the Spring Equinox was this; What is occupying space in my head and heart, but not filling it up?

Think of your awareness as a puzzle of little cookie cutter shapes that take up every square inch of your heart and head space, perfectly fitted together… and every shape is filled with what it represents. Your heart shaped cookie cutter is the space reserved for your romantic life, your music note shaped space is for your creativity or pleasure, your airplane shaped space for travel, your trainer shaped space for sports and fitness, your briefcase shaped piece for your work… etc… and each of these shapes is filled to the brim with its respective piece of your life. Or is it???

Or is it more like the ex-boyfriend shaped cookie cutter is taking up 40% of your mind space and yet… he ain’t around?! Or the swimsuit shaped space is taking up 75% of your mind/heart space (in a panic) ‘cause summers just around the corner and you have not come to terms with your current body shape. Your new car space is taking up 80% of your awareness and you think you are on top of the world, but how much does that have to do with who you really are and how you really feel (Just saying we could drop it down a notch). How about work? Taking up a good 60% of your awareness, and it doesn’t make you skip down the drive? Keep in mind we only have 100% of awareness to fill here. That is the issue. If we could go to 300% we would be fine, but actually anything over 100% is melt down and frizzle-fry.

And I would suggest that thought only takes up about 60% of awareness, otherwise, where will inspiration fit in?

So what makes something meet the criteria of getting the thumbs up or getting the shovel?

  1. It is right in front of me and available to me now?
  2. Does giving it my attention release anxiety and make me feel in control (to some extent) of my life?
  3. Is it something that gives back to me, or makes the world a better place? In other words, in the end I am not pouring water into a bucket with a whole in it.
  4. Here is the final criteria that can wipe away any doubts. Is it honest to me and others on a soul level…. Am I keeping it real?

So for me personally, and maybe it will be for you, a bit of painful closure, boundary setting and some serious ME TIME was required to sort some of this stuff out.

The preparatory work for any of this cleaning out is first and foremost consciousness of what is taking your awareness. And this of course, might ask you to not take the chatter for granted and really listen to your inner dialogue for a bit. That is a good place to start to start.

And anything that is dangling on, hidden in the dark shadow, nagging or poking you with a stick… can we put it in its appropriate place? Give it a nice kiss goodbye (Or drop-kick out the proverbial door)?

Then, the Universe loves a vacumme, so be ready to occupy that cleared out space with what feeds your soul.

Warning… waiting for empty spaces to be filled by other people/things outside yourself may lead to trying to fill them with naughty self harming things (Fill in your own blank here).

Just saying.

Empty the mind and fill the heart.

Happy glorious blessed Spring my friends.

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