A higher perspective- Love from Bali

So I have just returned from retreat in Bali. Yes, I live a wonderful life. Yes Bali is a paradise.

I was in Bali in my blessed role as Yoga and meditation guide for The Key World Retreats. I have the pleasure and honor to support the work of The Key’s founder Christine McGrory as she unwinds and reveals the methodology of conscious creation.

It was an amazing week. Bali is ‘Whoa’!, and Christine is ‘Whoa’!, and everything was ‘Wow’! and wonderful.  The Key World Retreat concept is blending adventures on location (We went on a bike tour of Bali, were blessed by a Hindu Priest, Went to the monkey forest, visited an orphanage, and more…) with Key Principles workshops, Yoga, meditation and amazing healthy food. It is just high vibes all around. But with these high vibes come some important challenges; there were plenty of opportunities to be taken out of your comfort zone, but one thing that I heard many times in this retreat was, “Everything you want and don’t have exists outside your comfort zone”.

Shall I repeat that?

“Everything you want and don’t have exists outside your comfort zone”.

And you must be able to visualise something before you can call it into your reality.

We celebrated a holy, beautiful transformative week on the last night with a jovial party of creating our own vision boards.

The purpose of a vision board is that you create a visual lay-out of your aspired life; images of you in situations you want to be in, doing things you want to do, with the people you want to meet, places you go etc.. You see yourself as you truly wish to be. It actually involves you coming face to face with your dreams and aspiration, perhaps that you are not even admitting to yourself.


Flash forward from Bali 3 days, and I am back home at The Well and sitting across from a woman who is in the process of my wellness program.

I have struggled a bit to understand how exactly I can help her. She is not eager to make changes, and is a self-admitted “Lazy person”. She struggles with sadness and long-term depression, but refuses to leave her comfort zones. I really wanted to give this woman the keys to happiness, the raw food recipes for natural highs, and the meditations for spiritual elevation. But she wouldn’t have any of it. So as I sat there pondering how to reach her when she said that she had something she really wanted to tell me.

She told me that one thing had really helped her since our last sessions; she had taken my business card with my photo on it, and put it in her bathroom, as it is the room she walks in and out of most often in the day, and when she looks at it, she remembers not to have bad thoughts.

I was stunned and humbled. She was using my image as an anchor- and it was working.

And it all came together… if that worked for her, imagine what a vision board could do!

Back to Bali.

At the entrance to our loft sat a Ganesh with fresh marigolds around her neck. Ganesh has been an anchor for me for many years. Though I am not Hindu, or any religion at that, when I see those soft beautiful eyes, I just feel that everything is o.k. Perhaps it has something to do with Ganesh being the protector of the wild ones… wink wink.

What do you look at to elevate your spirit? What are your images that re-set your negativity? What is it that you see that brings you up above the chaos of the world to a higher perspective? Do you look at things throughout the day to remember that there is a calm within you that is always a source of inspiration, guidance, peace?

At one point we stood before the rice fields of Ubud, vast green terraces. A camera drone navigated by the photographer whirred and whizzed above us, and captured the images of us tiny, little specks of humans trying to take in the world through our little windows.

At the same moment I sat down near a guest who had become my friend, who was blind… and she asked me “What do you see?”.

“I see green, I see little temples, I see little huts in the distance and some people”…

But I see so little really, I thought. I don’t look far and wide enough. I don’t dream beyond my immediate world enough. I believe too much of what I have already seen, and what I see in a day, and not of what is possible with a “wider lens” or  “Birds eye view” or may I say it a “Higher Consciousness”.

But the more we see, the more we open our internal eyes, the more we open our vision of ourselves and the possibilities in this life- The more our world opens and changes to take the shape of our dreams.

The Key World Retreats travels to new destinations twice a year and offers bespoke programs. This Spring we are in Ibiza! You can follow this link for more information. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were there too?



All love,



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