Turmeric, space, time and other natural medicines.

So the last time I wrote was just after coming back from The Key World Retreat in Bali. Since then, life continues to be amazing, wonderful, full, blessed, beautiful, magical and super, super busy. And in this great time of expansion, love and transformation, I got tonsillitis.

But allow me to tell you why getting tonsillitis was an amazing experience on two levels.

The first level was because at this particular time I had a critical issue of communication I needed to take care of that was literally stuck in my throat. I was too scared to have an important conversation with someone I loved, so although I was talking with this person for hours in the day I wasn’t saying what was eating me up. I held it in, and I could feel it like a festering wound in my throat… and what happened? Well, literally some nice little festering wounds in my throat.

So I had a thought about the fifth Chakra and what that energy is all about; relationship, communication, listening, speaking, etc…. all things I was in a bit of a bottleneck about, and that pressure, alongside some pollens in the air and some strange global warming fall out temperature fluxes, I was completely inflamed.

My life, as most peoples lives, did not stop to “allow me” to be sick. I cancelled a few classes, and spent as much time in bed as I could; drinking tea, sucking on spoonfuls of honey, turmeric and black pepper, but in my head I was in a panic feeling like the illness was keeping me back from the backlogged work I had to do, and the classes I had to teach, and the child I had to raise. My healing was urgent- I had to “Kick this illness’ ass”. I continued to be aware that there was something literally “Stuck in my throat” that I needed to get out. So I decided to clear it all out; I had the difficult talk with my loved one, which was received with much love and compassion, and went to the doctor all in one day.

Here is a transcript of how the conversation went with the doctor:

Doctor: What’s wrong with you Janet

Me: I have tonsillitis

Doctor: You don’t know what you have, your throat hurts, that’s what you know.

Me: Yes, doctor you are right. My throat really hurts for days now and I am worried about it

[Doctor looks into Janet’s throat with a small light, his eyebrows lift and he grunts a yes]

Doctor: Anti-biotics, 8 and 8 hours for 8 days. Get well soon.

Me: Thank you Doctor.

I hadn’t taken antibiotics in years, and I am well informed about their ill-effects, over use and presence in nearly everything we ingest. I had worked for years to balance my gut health and now I was going to indiscriminately bulldoze through it. But I was humbled, weak, and convinced that I just needed to take the antibiotics and get back to living my life the way I wanted to… like a holy train bound for glory no stops.

Sure enough I felt better by day two or three and kept at it… not feeling 100%, but forgetting the misery of the week before.

However…. on day 11 with the anti-biotic over and done with, quite suddenly my throat flamed up and I was exactly where I had been 11 days before.

I was deeply frustrated and expressed this frustration quite clearly to my partner and told him I as going back to see a doctor the next day, but this time to a private hospital. The exam was indeed more involved, at least he looked in my ears and listened to my lungs, but in the end the results were the same. A different anti-biotic was necessary as the doctor speculated that the strain of bacteria in my throat was resistant to Amoxicillin. The doctor threw in a few additional prescriptions for things I might want just in case, like an analgesic for my throat and some anti-histamine for my nose (I wasn’t sure what that was for actually).

As my partner and I walked towards the pharmacy, I became full of confusion and doubts… why was I taking another anti-biotic when I didn’t feel good about it the first time AND it didn’t work?

FullSizeRender (17)I had fallen into the seductive habit of the culture, which is to be too impatient, too busy, too afraid, and too dependent upon quick fixes to allow the body to heal in a natural process with natural healing methods. Medication is just all too easy, all too prescribed and all too advertised. Not to mention that this society hive is not set up for us worker bees to take the time and space necessary to heal.

Of course antibiotics are life-savers. I am so very grateful that they exist. Shout out of love to antibiotics for all the lives they have saved… But they will only stay life-savers if they are not being overused. And they are so overused that we find them in nearly everything we eat, often even in organic vegetables. So what happens when there are antibiotics absolutely everywhere? The bacteria becomes resistant and we dig a deeper hole.

Also, I am very aware now that I am just talking about a nasty sore-throat, and not a life threatening disease, which might make it all seem pretty trivial. But it is exactly because it was just a throat infection that It shook me up a bit that I would run toward a quick fix and not look at my whole system.

So here is where the second hallelujah moment of the story comes in;

By the time we got to the pharmacy I stomped my feet and crossed my arms and made a fit like a little girl, “I don’t want to take them! This goes against everything I believe in and work for!”…. and then it hit me like a cast iron skillet to the back of the head; “I believe the body can heal itself! I believe that food, rest and meditation are medicine!”

My partner very lovingly sat down with me and put it clearly. “My dear… you have two choices. You can take the anti-biotics, and probably get better quickly and get back to your life as was… or you can listen to your body, realize you’ve been over doing it, respect your values and heal without the anti-biotics- but you will have to rest and eat very well, and take very good care of yourself, and I will help you the best I can”…

How could I resist the second option?

So instead of the pharmacy, we went by the fruit and veg shop and stocked up on everything vitamin rich, and a new pot of honey.

Hot water bottles in the bed, super immunity tea, sleep, veggie soup, extra vitamin c, extra zinc, and a complete conviction that my body could fight off the infection… and 24 hours later the pain in my throat was completely gone and I felt back to normal.

What happened then? I got cocky and hit the ground running… and of course… found myself with the irritation again. Have you ever had the feeling that even one little illness makes you feel like the whole world is crashing down around you? I take these as little warnings that the walls might need to crumble a bit and some conscious re-building is in order. And why not? Some corner stone foundations of my life were shifting at that moment, so in the shifts… stuff will come up. Its like drilling a well and you run into an oil field and the oil starts bubbling up…. it is greasy, stinky and ugly… but if you utilise it, it can make you richer. Maybe not the best metaphor, but you get the point.

Instead of crying tragedy, I contemplated again what my organism was asking for me. It occurred to me that the 5th chakra is the chakra of the element SPACE. When that came to me, I laughed out loud… I HAD NONE ! My partner had just moved in with me and all my routines changed, all my space was now shared, all my “Me time”- which is critical for me to feel energised, became “Our time” (I am not complaining… just observing!). So there you go Janet; create some space for yourself. Even if it doesn’t heal the throat, you will be a happier person.

My pain is my teacher, my truth is my healer.

This was only a throat infection. But a great experience for me to have my values challenged and my alignment set again,
because as life changes, we naturally have to adjust.

So I am feeling loads better after the whole experience, because in listening to the imbalances of my body and following through, not just my throat felt better, but my being felt better about what I am doing here on this planet.

So what is that super immune tea that also helped me out so much?

3 cloves of smooshed garlic

A thumb of ginger sliced

1 tea spoon of Turmeric

½ teaspoon black pepper

Boil a few minutes and add a spoonful of honey or other natural sweetener

Drink it hot, drink it slowly, drink it lots, and think to yourself that you are feeding the frontline soldiers; white blood cells vs. invasive bacteria. And you’ve got this one.

On a final note; Making decisions about health and health care is an incredibly personal thing and the individual has the right to take care of themselves in the way they feel safe to. No one should ever feel pressure to take or not take medicine based on ideas of others. There are many ways to heal, and it depends upon the values of the individual and what makes the person feel safe and secure, as this is also key to healing.


Peace, health, happiness,




4 thoughts on “Turmeric, space, time and other natural medicines.

  1. Well written my dear. ..i fully agree with you Listen to your body. .. I realized this when dealing with breast cancer…im in remission its been 6 years im still alive and feel blessed👙im so glad i decided on surgery (who cares about the “girls” and homeopathics NO Chemotherapy


  2. Brilliant! The power of the tantrum! Let’s you know who needs to take the lead sometimes & reveals the reality of your bodies resistance in the moment. So good


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