My No.1 How-to for Radiant Wellness

Hello Friends!

I wanted to get this blog posted about a week ago, but it didn’t happen. And I am OK with that. I was doing my best to do all that I need to do in my life and sometimes I fall short.

Cutting myself slack is something I have trained myself to do because it is absolutely key to my well-being. Nothing throws me off my wellness track or dulls my radiance more than too much pressure, a sense of failure or insufficiency and plain old stress.


And that is why my 1# How-to of Radiant Wellness is….

IMG_1525.JPGCheck out this Five minute sequence for calm and comfort.


SIMON SAYS (2).png  


This how-to has a two-part meaning. The first is to accept yourself for who you are where you are at. And the second is to treat yourself kindly, compassionately and with respect.

This is a different approach to wellness, as typically we are trying to get healthier because we aren’t good with ourselves. There’s always something wrong that we are trying to fix. In essence, we often start from a place of intense self criticism, shame or rejection.

With being good with You as your first priority, you are starting from where you want to end up. Naturally this means the journey will take you a lot further because in just changing your relationship with yourself you will cover massive ground.

It doesn’t end up that you say, “Well I guess I am just good enough as I am so I give up on health!”, because that is not really caring for and respecting yourself.

 When you are really good with You, you want what is best for you for the right reasons.

Why is being good with yourself so important to wellness?

 Because when you are good with You, and are confronting and dealing with your own stressors, your stress levels, anxiety, loneliness and depression will decrease. And these are all things associated with compulsive, self-destructive unhealthy habits and increased illness.

If you are in touch with your thoughts and feelings, and respectful to them, you will be able to identify triggers to unhealthy patterns and choose healthy, self-soothing and stress relieving techniques instead.

When you are confident and self-loving your energy will increase and you can choose healthy levels of exercise, not too much and not too little.

And just think about it. Wouldn’t it be nice if the person you spent the most time with always had your back, knew the right thing to say and you felt like you could really trust them? That’s You!

 You are one in 7.6 billion human beings on this planet. Your own personal health style is dependent upon your very unique personhood. No one else can tell you what is best for you, and yet we are always following someone else’s ideas about what is best for us without tuning in to what we really need.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong believer that we cannot become ourselves by ourselves. But we certainly can’t become ourselves if we don’t know ourselves!

How do we get good with ourselves?  

I can only make suggestions, but there are many ways to get closer to yourself. Sometimes professional help is called for; groups, organizations, counselors, guides, books, etc.. Take the time to invest in your relationship with yourself.

Here are my guiding thoughts on the issue:

 Meditate every day on how wonderful you are and how much you deserve health and happiness. Come to believe it.

Come to really like yourself. Appreciate yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up but believe in your ability to get it right next time.

Pay attention to your highs and lows, your stress levels, your anxious moments, your insecurities. Realise when they are there and try techniques to release them.

Connect with YOUR needs and wants through time spent in introspection. VALUE WHAT YOU NEED.

And sometimes you need comfort food!

carrie-ann-castillo-sweet-potatoes-5858381a5f9b586e02bd5a06BAKED SWEET POTATO FRIES

Pre-heat oven to 350 F or 180 C

Slice 3-4 Large sweet potatoes into wedges and put in a bowl.

Use a garlic press or grater to put 2-3 cloves of garlic over the potatoes

Add ⅓ cup of olive oil

Drizzle ¼ cup of honey

Sprinkle a pinch or two of sea salt

Sprinkle two teaspoons of Paprika over the top

Mix it until the wedges are coated.

Pour out evenly onto a baking pan and put in the oven

Bake for 25 min and then set the oven to broil for 5 min to get a little bit crispy.

Eat with Love and Gratitude.

Thanks for reading!

See you next week.


Love, health and light,



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