Why is someone drawn to this work if they themselves do not seek happiness through health and healing? My path is one of self-healing through self knowing with the wonderful natural progression that as we learn to heal, we learn to help others. As a natural dancer, movement was my first medicine. In my early 20’s I realised the medicinal and magical quality of food as well as the poisoning effect of un-food foods can have. In my 3o’s I was introduced to breathing practices in order to help me through a very rough part of my life. From there I found Kundalini Yoga and my world truly began to open. I began the relationship with my own soul. The soul lives in the body and the body needs good nutrition.  Nutrition, Meditation and Movement become the foundation of my life, and it continues to expand now as I understand more about the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and nature’s effect on our health and well-being. 

My work is to listen to others and support them in deciphering their own individual formula.

I curate wellness programs for hotels in Portugal and work with international companies providing retreats, workshops and public speaking to share the joys of a life lived in Health and consciousness. 

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Peace, Health & Happiness,


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