Thai Yoga Massage at The Well

    Na a/ Na Wa/ Roka/ Payati/ Vinas Shanti “We pray for whom we touch, that he will be happy and that any illness will be released from him.” Ends the prayer to Doctor Shivago, the creator of the Nuad Bo-Rarn Ancient Massage of Thailand. We love massage here at The Well. We love … Continue reading Thai Yoga Massage at The Well

Lília in the fields

When Lília Carvalho was here last May the grass was tall and yellow. Now we are ankle-deep in our winter green. Her land sculpture still holds, and is this years chosen blooming grounds for the wild iris. These small purple dragons are a testament to how reverently we walk those concentric circles that Lília sweat, … Continue reading Lília in the fields

Tom and the chicken coop.

“Ooooh yeah! There is enough material here for the coop”, Tom Leamon says as he eyes the great decrepit junk pile. Tom shows up on the agreed morning without plans, but with a glint in his eye, a spring in his step and a power drill. What more does a creative, hard-working chap need when … Continue reading Tom and the chicken coop.