11/11. Straight up day.

“The One Equals the One. When they laid it on it’s side, it became the equal sign.”- Guru Singh Today is November 11th. 11-11. In tantric numerology, 11 is one of the most sacred numbers. It is the "I" facing the "I" and seeing that they are the same. When the One sees the One as the … Continue reading 11/11. Straight up day.

I almond you.

What do you feed yourself if you love yourself? Give me almonds please. Organic fresh Almonds to play with, to crush, blend, eat, milk, roast. The Well is on 80 hectares of hillside. Someone, several generations ago, decided to plant almond trees amongst the Carob trees on hillsides peppered with fig trees. They are all old, they … Continue reading I almond you.

Retreat, return, radiate

This is the first blog entry, and I will make it an invitation to The Well: I am humbly inviting you to your own individualised transformation retreat that culminates in the celebration of your creation. That kind of sounds like we are magical Guru's. Nothing like that. We are just a couple of observant and … Continue reading Retreat, return, radiate