What does it mean to detox… and why would you want to?!

A detox is simple; it is when more waste/toxicity goes out than toxicity is coming in. Your body is working hard on a daily basis to do just that: We exhale, we go to the toilet, we sweat. The body is a mechanism of the energy of growth, repair and elimination. It the body is working too hard to eliminate, is depletes the energy needed for growth and repair. Hence, premature ageing, fatigue, etc.

In this world, these days, there are more toxic assaults on the system than ever before in our human history. You are bombarded by external toxins; from the air you breathe to the Wifi you walk through (Or walks through you), possible the body lotion you use, and internal toxins that come from the food you eat and the stress you experience.11855610_810830199030822_3445682345891561351_n

A detox or cleanse is simply any way we decrease the toxicity coming in, and increase the toxins going out. Perhaps the strongest and safest way to detox is through a vegetable juice fast, but there are gentler ways as well, such as purely eliminating the toxicity from your diet and environment and flooding the body with whole nutritious foods.

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At The Well, a detox is not just about food. That would be just the tip of the iceberg… a detox  is just the beginning to setting new structures, and opening new pathways. 

Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, sweating through physical exercise or sauna, massage and other non-food related practices are critical for a holistic detox.

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