I spent a fabulous 4 days on Janet’s retreat and hand on heart I can say that I absolutely loved it!  I hadn’t done yoga before – I came to keep a friend company as she was on her own – so I didn’t really know what to expect but hoped that I would enjoy it.

At first I was a bit apprehensive as the others were regular yoga peeps and were certainly more bendy than me! I almost didn’t carry on but wow – I am so glad I did!

Janet was so very perceptive and tailored the retreat to accurately match all our needs.  We had yoga sessions in the sunshine under the trees; great discussions on nutrition with good advice and outdoor practice; a lovely hike with meditation on a hillside; a fabulous beach experience to name but a few of my favourite things but we also had lots of fun and laughs along the way!

I am totally smitten and can’t wait for our next retreat.  For someone who has been dieting to lose that last stone for over 40 years – I have finally started to eat well and enjoy my meals without the guilt…..  and guess what……… the weight is (slowly) coming down as well as my stress levels!

I feel as if my mind is now a bit clearer and I am trying to take more time to appreciate the good things in life and also trying to release the negativity of some people which had been causing me a lot of  grief – it’s very much a work in progress!

If you are thinking of joining one of Janet’s retreats just do it – you will not regret a minute!

Janet is one in a million – I hope we will always be friends.