Your Wellness is your whole life integrated. 

Imagine that you LOVED your body… not because you looked “Perfect” but because you had a relationship with yourself that was one of gratitude, care and consciousness.

What if your energy was high naturally, because you were taken care of. And your emotions stable because you practiced mindfulness and your blood sugar was balanced?

Imagine yourself with a deep comforting self- confidence that came from a sense of who you are, your innate value, and some real self-love and respect.

We are hungry for more than food. We are hungry for life, love, for experience and for self-value.


Wherever you are right now in your life, you can feel better, look brighter,  have more energy and feel more connected to yourself and your life.

We do not become our better selves by ourselves. We are interdependent, and wellness and personal growth are processes where we need support.

I want to tell you what my experience has lead me to believe;

Healthy does not mean deprived.

Exercise can be playful and pleasurable.

Meditation is just a skill learned like any else.

Committing yourself to taking care of yourself does not mean you have to drastically transform your whole life- though you can if you want to! It’s easy enough to just make some simple changes in your life and habits to radically change the way you look and feel.

Radiant Wellness Coaching Program

This program includes:

  • 6 months of Bi-weekly face to face (Facetime/Skype/Telephone) consultations
  • A personalised step by step approach to enhancing your health and well-being
  • Weekly check-in’s and e-mail support with follow up notes on your progress and goals
  • Live yoga and meditation sessions
  • Live food preparation workshops based on the foods you are working on integrating into your life.
  • Practical tools and methods for streamlining healthy living.
  •  informational support on nutrition, supplementation and gut health restoration.
  • Tools and kit for relaxation, meditation and mindfulness.
  • And all bespoke to where you are at and who you are.

Try a free consultation, without any obligation.

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Body & Mind Cleanse

The 1 week cleanse is part of a 3 week process

Week One: Initial Consultation afterwhich I develop your cleanse based on your bio-individuality.
Week two: I prepare you with your shopping list, recipes, program, and preparatory instructions
Week Three: You cleanse! And I am with you, guiding and supporting you daily to make it as easy and effective as possible.

This program includes:

  • 3 live consultations with Janet
  • Bespoke cleanse program
  • Shopping lists
  • Recipes
  • Exercise program
  • Daily motivational support
  • Meditations
  • Live cleansing yoga and meditation sessions.
  • And all bespoke to where you are at and who you are.

Try a free consultation, without any obligation.

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My Approach to Holistic Health

Keep it simple, keep it real.

Forget diets. Forget calories. Forget following someone else’s plan. It’s your body, It’s your life and it will be your program.Food is not your enemy, food is your friend and food can be your medicine…Meditation isn’t only for the enlightened, it’s for all of us. It can be a simple, deep and transformative pleasure. And excersize… well that is just play for grownups! It is movement that is right for your body, your goals and lifestyle. And it should bring you joy and enthusiasm. And it can!

Natural process… sustainable outcome.
Let’s have fun, Let’s be creative, let’s explore the possibilities for you. No suffering, no struggling, no self-punishment. Just following YOUR bodies road map to the treasure of radiant health.

From WHERE you are… to WHO you are.
This is the basis of my work and why I work in a 6-month program. True transformation happens when we get to the root of your health barriers and set new healthy patterns for your long-life wellness.
True health is a journey for the creative, brave, life-loving spirits… just like you.

Let´s have a healthy, little conversation, 30 minutes or so, completely free of charge, of course . Just leave me your contact details, I will be in touch very soon.