Wellness is the integration and elevation of all that you are. 

When we talk about wellness, we are talking about first the relationship with ourselves; Respecting, listening and providing for ourselves in the very best way our physical, emotional, spiritual, intelectual and communal needs.

We connect mind with body with spirit with environment. We can link many of our illnesses with what we eat and how we think. We can pull our strengths and power to the forefront and start to organize our lives with our best Self at the front.

Wellness Consulting is for the individual, family, group or business, as the principles are the same and are applicable to any institution.


Wherever you are in your journey as an individual or group, there is a conscious way to grow and move into the next phase of your life, or the new age of humanity, with grace and power.

I want to tell you what my experience has lead me to believe;

Health is not deprivation of pleasure. It is self-love and discipline.

Exercise can be pleasurable and is as natural as play is to a child.

Meditation is just a skill learned like anything else, and is as important as any other form of hygiene or nurturing.

Committing yourself to taking care of yourself does not mean you have to drastically transform your whole life- sometimes it is the simplest things; small adjustments in your consciousness, awareness, habits, that create the ripple effect… and the transformation will unfold naturally.


Wherever you are in the world, we can work together and connect on-line or in person. Please also check out the retreats page for opportunities of immersion in these principles.